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WIN 2017 Careers Course: Arts and Sciences Career Lab (ARTSCI 150B)

Do you ever wonder how you’ll turn your degree into a meaningful career? Where should you begin?

Sign up for the A&S Career Lab (ARTSCI 150B) this Winter Quarter! Through this exciting new 1-credit course, you will:

  • learn how to market your major-specific skills and career-related strengths
  • engage in project-based work with academically and culturally diverse teams
  • practice networking and other professional skills with career specialists
  • receive individual feedback from instructors
  • gain regular access to College of Arts & Sciences advisors, Career & Internship Center counselors, and C21 staff

Questions? Contact Jamie Barnhorst (jmeb@uw.edu).

Career Events: UW Career and Internship Center AUT 2016 Workshops and Events

UW Career Center LogoThe Career & Internship Center Workshops & Events Calendar for Autumn 2016 is attached.

As always, the online calendar on the Career & Internship Center website is a great resource as well for students staying up to date with our programming.

AUT 2016 Career & Internship Center Workshops and Events Calendar

Job Opportunity: Outreach Coordinator – Conservation Northwest

Conversation Northwest LogoOutreach Coordinator
Seattle WA

Conservation Northwest, http://www.conservationnw.org, has a 26‐year track record of success protecting, connecting and restoring wildlands and ancient forest across the Pacific Northwest. We champion the recovery of our region’s most iconic wildlife including wolves, wolverines, fisher, lynx, mountain caribou and grizzly bears.

Through tenacious yet pragmatic advocacy, on-the-ground science and diverse collaborations, we aim to connect the big landscapes, protect the most vulnerable wildlife, and conserve our natural heritage for future generations. We’re keeping the Northwest wild because clean air and water, pristine forests, mountains, and other wildlands, resilient and connected natural ecosystems—it all adds up to a better quality of life in our region.

Job Description
Conservation Northwest is looking for an organized, motivated, locally well-connected, and outgoing person to join our 18-person staff to advance wildlife and habitat conservation in northeast Washington. The Outreach Coordinator will focus on broadening support and awareness, and foster problem-solving and dialogue among civic leaders and organizations, tribal representatives, elected and agency officials, and other members of the public. Must be able to work independently, and maintain tight coordination and communication with the Conservation Northwest staff in Twisp, Bellingham, and Seattle. Team leadership and management skills will be beneficial.

Manage outreach operations supporting conservation program objectives;
Maintain contacts with public officials, tribal representatives, and the press;
Represent Conservation Northwest on the Northeast Washington Forestry Coalition, and other forums;
Build relationships and maintain communications at local levels to enhance public awareness and support;
Develop materials (fact sheets, website content, articles, alerts, talking points);
Organize and manage events, hikes, fundraisers, and other activities;
Mobilize supporters in northeast Washington as needed;
Supervise and manage interns and volunteers.

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Summer 2016 Career Center Events

UW Career Center LogoI’ve attached the Career Center Workshops & Events Calendar for Summer 2016.  Their online calendar is a great resource as well for students and advisers staying up to date with our programming.

Career Center Summer 2016

Event: College of Education Pizza with Professionals (05/19/16)

University of Washington College of Education LogoPizza with Professionals Event Info:

If you’d like an opportunity to hear from career professionals in the fields of higher education, program evaluation, multicultural education, nonprofit work, and education policy, please join us in the Walker-Ames Room (Kane 225) from 2:30-3:50 on Thursday, May 19th (this week!). There will be free pizza, great conversation, and networking opportunities.

To learn more, check out the attached flyer & the description on the Career Center’s event calendar.

Pizza with Professionals Flyer SPR 2016

Leadership Opportunity: Future Women In Government Program (Applications Due: 04/04/16)

Women in Government LogoMy name is Katie Lanzarotto, and I am the Policy Associate at Women In Government (WIG), a non-profit, non-partisan organization of women state legislators based in Washington, DC. I am contacting you to help recruit young women for Future Women In Government, a leadership program developed by WIG in 2013 that takes place at each of our regional conferences. This year, our 19th Annual Western Conference is taking place from May 20th in Seattle, Washington!

The purpose of the program is to demonstrate hands-on leadership and mentoring for the next generation of women civic and political leaders. Impetus for this program came from the “Teach a Girl to Lead” project sponsored by the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University and the goals of the White House Council on Women and Girls Leadership. This program will give student participants a chance to connect with state legislators from across the country and leaders in the private sector to facilitate a deeper discussion on women in leadership.

Participants are invited to join us for our programming all day Friday, May 20, including breakfast and dinner. Participants’ conference costs will be underwritten by WIG (e.g., registration, parking, and meals). We recommend that students be located in the Seattle area since WIG will not provide overnight hotel accommodations.

We ask that you please forward this information to female students who may be interested in applying to this program. Attached is the application as well as some more information about the program and guidelines for applying. We have room for seven participants, and we hope to have young women who are engaged and passionate about leadership. We will need to receive completed applications by 11:59 pm EST on April 4, 2016.  Late applications will not be considered.

Completed applications, as well as any questions or concerns, can be sent to myself via email: klanzarotto@womeningovernment.org

We look forward to forging leadership connections and providing students with an exciting opportunity to network with strong women leaders. You can visit our Future Women In Government webpage, where the application is also available: http://www.womeningovernment.org/about/FutureWIG

FWIG Application Western 2016

FWIG Western Flyer

SPR 2016 Career Courses

UW Career Center LogoGeneral Studies 297H
Title: Career Exploration & Planning
Schedule: Wednesday, 1:30-3:20
Instructor: Tina Adelstein (Career Counselor)
Credits: 2
SLN: 14600

This course assists freshmen and sophomore students (1st and 2nd year students between 0-89 credits) with the process of exploring + designing their academic paths and internship/career options. Students use reflective practices, active learning, and group projects to explore: design thinking and prototyping, Dependable Strengths, storytelling, and more.

This course exposes students to co/extra-curricular campus opportunities and tackles the issue of “what can I do with a major in…” Students apply their knowledge to make informed choices about possible courses of study, internships, jobs, volunteer/community service activities, and careers. No pre-requisites required.

Learning objectives:
1.      Build self-awareness and appreciation for one’s strengths, skills, values, and interests and apply this self-knowledge when making decisions and exploring academic and career options
2.      Explore various academic/career pathways and acquire methods to research them
3.      Hone networking skills
4.      Build, refine, and practice effective application materials and strategies
5.      Clearly position their education and background in the marketplace and develop confidence in choices

For additional details please contact Tina Adelstein (tinaiw@uw.edu).

General Studies 391G
Title: Career Strategy and Job Search   
Tuesday/Thursday, 2:303:20; LOW 201
Instructor: Patrick Chidsey (Career Counselor)
Credits: 2
Size of class: up to 50 students
SLN: 14824

This course assists juniors/transfer students/seniors (3rd & 4th year students) with self-exploration, investigation of career options and development of career and job search strategy. General Studies 391G (“Career Strategy and Job Search”), is a graded, 2-credit course where students attend two 50-minute classes each week. This course is designed for juniors, transfer students and seniors (3rd & 4thyear students) who have earned roughly 90 credits or more. No pre-requisites are required.

Learning objectives:
1.      Grow self-awareness and appreciation for your strengths, skills, values, and interests and learn how to use this important self-knowledge when taking action in job searching and building a career strategy.
2.      Build ability to effectively research career options and learn how to be successful in the competitive job market.
3.      Learn how to create effective resumes, cover letters, strong LinkedIn profiles (and online and in-person networking skills), grow interviewing skills and confidence.

Course topics include:
·         Dependable Strengths, values, interests
·         Career and Option Exploration
·         Researching Employers and Understanding the Job Market
·         Networking and Informational Interviews
·         Short and Long Term Planning
·         How Does your Major(s) and Experiences Relate to your Future?
· UW Alumni and Employer Panels
· Resumes, Cover Letter, Interviewing
· Social Media, LinkedIn and Online Presence/Digital Footprint

For additional details please contact Patrick Chidsey (chidsey@uw.edu).