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SUM 2017 Course: Science, Technology, and Public Policy (PUBPOL 583)

The Evans School has opened the following summer course to juniors and seniors (in addition to graduate students):

PUBPOL 583: Science, Technology, and Public Policy (4 credits)
Instructor: Howard McCurdy
Meets: each Wednesday for the full summer term, 5:50-8:30 pm (June 21-August 16)
Description: From the spaceship to the computer chip, public officials work hard to promote innovation through science and technology. In turn, advances in science and technology invite governmental response. This course examines important public policy issues associated with science and technology, including the debate over how much government support is necessary to spur research and innovation, the role of government as a regulator of technology, the manner in which technology alters the way in which scientific initiatives are organized, the clash between scientific findings and political ideology, and the governance challenges arising from 21stcentury technologies. Students also examine impending technologies, the relationship between culture and technology, and specific policy issues of interest to students in the class. The instructor is a graduate of the University of Washington and Cornell University, a professor in the School of Public Affairs at American University in Washington, D.C., and a frequent visitor to the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance. He has authored seven books on the U.S. space program.

Outdoor Education Lecture and Course

The College of Education is hosting faculty from our partner institution in Norway for a lecture on May 4th at 4:30PM. At this event, students will engage in meaningful discussion about the impact of outdoor education on children and youth.

Additionally, the College of Education will be offering a 499 course on this topic during Winter and Spring, 2018. The course will be open to undergraduate and graduate students. NW credit awarded for both courses. Priority course registration will be given to students who attend the May 4th event.

More details in the attached flyer. RSVP required.

Outdoor Education Event & Course

SPR 2017 Courses in the College of Education

University of Washington College of Education LogoFirst of all, consider taking EDC&I 351, Teaching as a Profession (5)!  This class helps students assess the profession of teaching and explore what becoming a teacher means. They will assess the organizational structure of teaching as a career and profession, examine social attitudes about education and the work of teachers, and think about teaching as social justice work.

The College of Education also is offering two classes to all juniors and seniors in any major – flyers are attached.

EDC&I 495 Culturally Responsive Science Teaching (3)
Culturally responsive teaching is based on the idea that culture is central to student learning.  Several cultures intersect with the science classroom, such as the students’ and teacher’s multiple cultures, the culture of science and the culture of school.  This course is relevant for undergraduate and masters students interested in science education and will involve visits to classrooms.

WIN 2017 Course: Learning Wellness: Healthy Ways to Respond to Stressful Student Life (NURS 204)

Stressed out? Looking for a Winter Quarter elective? Consider registering for NURS 204 Learning Wellness: Healthy Ways to Respond to Stressful Student Life (3)
SLN: 18303
Wednesdays at 2:30-5:20
HSK K069

Come learn what to do when you’re stressed out! You’ll learn about self-care and other tools from top experts on health, wellness and self-care.

This course is open to all students across departments.

We’ll examine the intimate connections of body, mind, spirit, as well as how stress challenges personal health. Provides overview of methods that respond to stress in health-producing ways, including time management, making healthy choices, and practicing wellness.

Discusses evidence for each method and provides experiential components.

Taught by Lisa Taylor-Swanson, PhD, MAcOM, EAMP, a Licensed Acupuncturist and Postdoctoral Fellow in UW School of Medicine, BIME  ljts369@uw.edu

WIN 2017 Careers Courses: Career Planning and Exploration (GEN ST 297) and Career Strategy and Job Search (GEN ST 391)

The UW Career & Internship Center is offering two classes in Winter 2017, designed to meet the needs of undergraduate students seeking information and inspiration about academic majors, career options and strategy. More information can be found online: http://fyp.washington.edu/career.

GEN ST 297 and GEN ST 391 Flyer WIN 2017

UW Career & Internship Center Classes