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Natural Areas Journal Managing Editor Job Description

Position: Managing Editor
Status: This is an hourly contracted (non-employee) position requiring an average time commitment of 30 hours/month
Reports to: Director of Operations
Location: Managing Editor’s current location
Compensation: Dependent on experience

General Description
The Natural Areas Association (NAA) is seeking a Managing Editor (ME) for the Natural Areas Journal (NAJ). This contracted, part-time position averages 30 hours/month (the hours/week will vary) and will formally begin in mid-late June 2016 (or as soon as filled). The Managing Editor will work from their current location. The current ME and/or production manager will be available to facilitate a smooth transition, and to ensure continuity and the ongoing success of the NAJ.

Natural Areas Journal Background The NAJ is the NAA’s flagship publication. The Journal provides a forum for communication among persons involved in the identification, preservation, protection, and management of natural areas and elements of biological diversity. The NAJ focus is on nature preserves, natural areas, state or national parks, rare and endangered species, land preservation, and practical approaches to natural areas work. The Journal includes peer-reviewed original research articles on applied conservation biology, ecological restoration, natural areas management, ecological assessment and monitoring, invasive and exotic species management, habitat protection, fire ecology, natural areas identification, natural areas programs and conservation ethics.

The Journal is published quarterly and is available in hardcopy and online to NAA members. A sample issue can be viewed online via the NAA website, (you may contact the NAA for guest online access or to request a sample hardcopy at More information is available on the NAA website:

Each issue averages 100-120 pages and generally contains 10-12 articles, plus editorial content and 5 book reviews. The managing editor (a contracted position) is responsible for all tasks involved in the development/production of the Journal that occur after manuscripts have been peer-reviewed and accepted by the editor, up to the time of transmittal to the Production Manager, who is responsible for the design/layout of the issue and sending the print-ready files to the printer, Allen Press.

Job Description
The job entails copyediting all manuscripts provided by the lead editor, ensuring consistent editorial quality of the articles and other content, establishing the table of contents and a production schedule in conjunction with the production manager (PM), and helping to ensure that the Journal is published in a timely manner. Other responsibilities include coordinating with the layout / design staff, contributing editors (e.g., Book Review editor), and with authors. The ME also coordinates with the NAA Director of Operations (DOO) on non-article content (e.g., conference ads, NAA membership announcements, other editorial content) to obtain general information about the Association to include in the Journal, to ensure that the Journal meets the level of quality desired by the Board of Directors, and to troubleshoot and/or obtain assistance or guidance with any administrative or operational problems that may arise.

The ME also participates in periodic (usually quarterly, at minimum) NAJ conference call staff meetings with the lead editor, production manager, and the NAA DOO.

The managing editor should have an excellent working knowledge of the publications production process, preferably with experience working on scientific/technical journals. Editing skills using word-processing software, as well as familiarity with desktop publishing, are essential. Proven ability as an editor or copy editor is very valuable, as is familiarity with editorial standards and styles, especially The Chicago Manual of Style and Scientific Style and Format. An educational background in natural/ecological sciences and/or natural resources management is very helpful. The individual should also feel comfortable communicating with authors in both academic and agency settings.

Minimum qualifications include:

  • College degree
  • Copyediting experience
  • Demonstrated skill in oral and written communications
  • High-level word processing experience
  • Exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills

Tasks/Responsibilities of the Managing Editor
The following are performed on an ongoing basis in the context of Journal issue production:

  • Receive and file manuscript (ms.) letters of acceptance from the lead editor.
  • Receive and process final copy of each accepted ms. (electronic files).
  • Review contents to be sure all parts (figures, files, tables) are included.
  • Communicate with lead editor about any major concerns with accepted articles.
  • File by expected upcoming issue of the journal based on date received.
  • Send “ms. received” notification to corresponding author (using scripts).
  • Work with the editor to determine each issue’s table of contents.
  • Inform authors (via e-mail) of the preliminary schedule for the issue; and advise authors of next steps (using script).
  • Assist PM in reviewing cover photo contributions and choosing the cover photo(s).
  • Copyedit all articles according to Natural Areas Journal Style Guide for Editors and Proofreaders.
  • Contact authors as needed, including queries (questions about inconsistencies, missing data, unclear statements, etc.) to authors.
  • Enter authors’ changes/corrections to manuscript and inform PM of changes/input obtained from authors.
  • Receive “Letter from the Editor” column from editor (sometimes discussion of potential topic takes place), copyedit and format, obtain photo/illustration if applicable, transmit to layout staff.
  • Receive book reviews and book list. Copyedit as needed.
  • Transmit all of the above edited material to the PM.
  • In conjunction with the PM, review pre-blue line proof of cover and inside of Journal.
  • Provide/discuss any requested corrections if necessary to the PM.

The following are performed on an irregular, as-needed basis:

  • About once a year, review Style Guide and consider necessary updates.
  • Periodically review content format and consider necessary fine-tuning or updates.

To Apply
Interested applicants should send a cover letter, resume/curriculum vitae and two writing examples (all in pdf format) to: Deb Kraus, Director of Operations at Please also include a list of three references.

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