Job Opportunity: Assistant Teacher – Fiddleheads Forest School, UW Botanic Gardens

University of Washington Botanic Gardens LogoLocation: Washington Park Arboretum

The University of Washington Botanic Gardens Youth and Family Education programs serve over 10,000 youth ages 2‐18 and their families each year through family classes, school field trips, summer camp and preschool programs. Tucked within the University of Washington Botanic Gardens and the Youth and Family Education Programs is the Fiddleheads Forest School, an entirely outdoor preschool for students ages three to five. At the Fiddleheads Forest School, we aim to foster a sense of wonder, to guide rather than compel, and to provide room for possibility rather than attempt to constrain children’s interests to fit within a certain curriculum. Unlike traditional programs, at the Forest School our classroom grows and changes along with its students. This dynamic environment offers an unparalleled setting for the development of self‐regulation and fundamental appreciation for the natural world. Our unique, child‐driven curriculum addresses the individual developmental needs of every student. Each day is approached with joy and wonder at the wide world around us.

General Duties/Description: This position will assist the lead teachers with all aspects of implementing a weekly, part‐day nature preschool program. During the school year, this position will assist teaching classes of up to 14 students 2‐3 days per week from 8:30AM – 1:30PM while spending the vast majority of that time outdoors, exploring the natural world through age‐appropriate lessons and activities. Additional hours may be available for substituting, assisting with school events and teaching in the school field trip program.

For more information, see the full job posting.


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