SPR 2016 Course: Sociology and the Environment (SOC 201)

SOC 201: “Sociology and the Environment” (SLN 19137) explores a series of campus-local, state, national and global environmental problems through the lens of environmental activism and social movements. First, student swill explore the historical and sociological dimensions of environmental social problems. What makes environmental issues a social problem? How do social movements develop in response to environmental problems? An overview of the history of environmental movements locally, nationally and globally will also be discussed. Second, students will be introduced to social movement theory from a sociological perspective. What is an environmental movement? What do they look like practically? Using various movement theories, we will examine s a variety of movement and activist goals and organizational structures. Third, this class will explore the outcomes of these movements on small-to-large scale environmental problems. What movements have been successful? Why? What movements have failed and why? What environmental problems have lingered despite long and deep levels of activism? Fulfills 5 credits of Gen Ed I&S requirements.


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