WIN 2016 Course: Science in Context (INTSCI 403/HONORS 392A)

INTSCI 403 Flyer WIN 2016

INTSCI 403/HONORS 392A:  Science in Context (I&S/NW)
Brian Buchwitz (Biology and Integrated Sciences)
Office: Hitchcock Hall 216, Box 355320
Credits: 5

This course will focus on case study examinations of how science operates within broad social, political, and ethical contexts. We will consider the growth of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research, the societal impact of scientific results and developed technologies, the political environment surrounding scientific practice, the ethical responsibilities of scientists, the censorship of scientific findings, the complex mechanisms for funding scientific research, and the power inherent in claims to knowledge.

The case studies will emphasize intersections among science communication, science education, science policy, and science research. Potential topics include the regulation of genetically-­modified organisms, the study of global climate change, and the teaching of evolution. Examining these cases will ask us to analyze articles from a variety of scientific and popular sources and to engage, both independently and collaboratively, in assignments, discussions, and presentations.

Required Texts:
Creating Scientific Controversies: Uncertainty and Bias in Science and Society by David Harker
How to Lie with Statistics by Darrell Huff


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