Lecture: The Difference Between the Past and the Future (10/27/15)

David Albert PhotoThe UW Department of Philosophy is pleased to announce the first lecture in the O’Hara Lecture Series in the Philosophy of Physics. Please see details, and link for registration, below.

Title: The Difference Between the Past and the Future
Speaker: Professor David Z. Albert, Frederick E. Woodbridge Professor of Philosophy from Columbia University
Date and Time: Tuesday, October 27 at 7:30pm
Location: Walker-Ames Room, 225 Kane Hall

Abstract: It seems to us that by acting now we can affect the future, but not the past. I will describe some recent work on the foundations of statistical mechanics which seeks to understand this phenomenon not as a part of the fundamental metaphysical structure of the world, but (rather) as a mechanical phenomenon of nature – like (say) the law of universal gravitation, or the second law of thermodynamics.

Professor Albert is the author of “Quantum Mechanics and Experience” and “Time and Chance” and has published many articles on quantum mechanics, mostly in the “Physical Review”.  His areas of specialization are Philosophical Problems of Modern Physics; Philosophy of Space and Time; and Philosophy of Science.

Reception immediately following the lecture.

For planning purposes, we kindly request those who plan to attend to register:


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