AUT 2015 Course: Natural Variation and Time-Series Analysis (OCEAN 497)

My name is Dax Soule and I am teaching a 1 credit introductory course that I would like to invite you to take. My background is marine seismology and the course I am teaching uses sensor data (i.e. wired instruments that collect collect data like stream flow, nutrients, seismic and other environmental variables) to develop analytical skills and reasoning regarding statistical variation and the nature of science.

We have seven seats still available, and because we meet on either Monday or Tuesday, there is still plenty of time to register and not miss any course material. 

Here is the description of the class:

“Autumn Quarter 2015

Ocean 497 (Sections M or T)

Natural Variation and Time-Series Analysis

1 Credit (CR/NCR)

Analytical skills are critical for inquiry-based investigations using time-series data available through the USGS, IRIS and other networks. The objective of this 1-credit course is to use available archived and streaming data on a wide range of environmental variables to develop the skills required to manipulate large sensor datasets at different scales.”

This is a 1 credit course being taught credit/no credit. My goal is to create low stakes environment where we can develop analytical skills and the techniques you will need for dealing with data with a high level of confidence.


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