Upcoming Astronomy Events

Origins: Life and the Universe
November 7, 2 pm, Benaroya Hall

Celestial objects have inspired countless masterpieces, from Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night to Emily Dickinson’s poems about the moon. Now eight Northwest composers have created symphonic works that celebrate the wonders of the Universe, for a concert benefiting the Astrobiology Program and Astronomy Department at the University of Washington.

Origins: Life and the Universe, a multi-media concert at Benaroya Hall on November 7, will feature eight new compositions accompanied by spectacular imagery from space, projected on a giant screen. Grammy Award-winner David Sabee will conduct the Northwest Sinfonia in this world-premiere event.

For more information, see https://artsci.washington.edu/news/2015-09/universe-music-and-images

Star Formation & Nebulae as Cosmic Science & Song
October 1, 6 pm, Museum of Flight

Bruce Balick, UW professor emeritus of astronomy, discusses the origin and development of nebulae and star-nurseries. Composer Nan Avant’s piece “Bijoux” showcases some of the more spectacular nebulae ever discovered. Lecture and museum admission free for First Thursday Astronomy Day.

Origin of the Universe and Everything in It
October 17, 2 pm, Museum of Flight

Matt McQuinn, UW assistant professor of astronomy, looks at how the Universe was formed and how small fluctuations on the cosmic microwave background grow into galaxies with stars and planets. Composer Glenna Burmer discusses her musical and visual interpretation of the 13.8-billion-year history of the Universe. Free with museum admission.

Origin and Evolution of Oceans: Understanding Planetary Life Support Systems
October 20, 7 pm, Pacific Science Center

John Delaney, UW professor of oceanography, explores the hydrothermal activity that may have produced life on primordial Earth. Composer Barry Dowsett discusses his composition, “The Evolution of Carbon and Stardust.”  $5. Free to PSC members, UW students & alumni with ID, and Seattle Astronomical Society members.


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