Essay Contest: Feminists in Science and Technology Studies (Deadline: 09/01/15)

Feminists in Science and Technology Studies (FiSTS) with Catalyst publishes peer-reviewed critically and theoretically engaged feminist STS scholarship that reroutes the gendered, queer, raced, colonial, militarized, and political economic beings and doings of technoscience. Its mission is to support innovation in feminist STS and related areas of study, as well as to provide a venue for the publishing of activist feminist and critical theory concerning matters of science, technology, information, medicine, media, and more.

FiSTS represents feminist scholars who teach and do research in science, engineering, and STS. The goal of FiSTS is to raise the visibility of this group of scholars both within and outside of the National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA). FiSTS has been meeting as a group at NWSA for the past few years, using it as a portal to think through and create discussions around feminist science studies issues collectively.

In accord with the intersecting missions of FiSTS ( and Catalyst (, the goal of this competition is to increase the visibility, breadth and theoretical contributions of feminist science and technology studies.

The submitted paper of less than 7000 words should conform to the Catalyst guidelines for publication. Please submit your entry by e-mail to The deadline for submission is September 1, 2015.

The winner will be selected by a joint committee of FiSTS and Catalyst board representatives during the 2015 NWSA conference. The winner will be announced shortly after.


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