Job Opportunity: Education Coordinator – Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association (Application Deadline: 07/10/15)

Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Assocation (NSEA) LogoJob Title: Education Coordinator
Company: Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association
Location: Bellingham, WA
Salary: Stipend volunteer
Apply to:
Job Type: Paid Job

The Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association (NSEA) is a community based non-profit organization working to restore self-sustaining wild salmon populations in steams throughout Whatcom County through habitat restoration, scientific monitoring, education and outreach. In 1990, the WA State Legislature established NSEA as one of 14 Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups to implement community-based salmon recovery, under the direction of WA Department of Fish and Wildlife. An 12-member Board of Directors, 8 staff members, 4 AmeriCorps IP members, WCC crew and volunteers work together to accomplish restoration work. NSEA is an apolitical group that brings people together to work toward common goals for salmon recovery, stream restoration and environmental protection. NSEA has attracted a diverse membership, including people of all ages, political beliefs, economic levels, ethnic background and professions. We work together as neighbors to voluntarily improve our own backyard watersheds in cooperation with a diversity of agencies, business representatives, tribes, environmental groups, schools and colleges and nonprofit organization’s to define priority issues and pursue restoration of Whatcom County’s watersheds is critical to our success. NSEA feels that every citizen should be engaged and educated in salmon recovery with the opportunity to take action.

The Education Coordinator position will involve the implementation of NSEA’s community outreach and education programs, providing the building blocks for an improved environment, new partnerships, and sustained healthy wild fish populations. The position is approximately 60% field-based and 40% office-based. Work weeks fluctuate often due to weekend and evening events. The Education Coordinator will perform the following tasks:

A. Coordinate, plan and organize NSEA’s education and outreach programs.
B. Direct and facilitate Students for Salmon and other K-12 school programs, including college level.
C. Implement Community outreach activities such as table booths and distributing materials.
D. Update NSEA social media outlets, including Fish Tales, Fish Bytes and website.
E. Update and maintain NSEA database, tracking volunteers and student engagement.
F. Develop an education coordinator manual, align curriculums with state standards and assist in supporting funding opportunities, including reporting.

AmeriCorps IP placements are a 10.5 month position starting September 16, 2015 through July 31, 2016 with an allocated stipend, health insurance and education award upon completion.

Applicants must be familiar with the AmeriCorps Individual Placement program, have a passion for stream ecology, environmental education and public speaking and be comfortable working outside in all weather conditions. A high school diploma is required (college degree preferred), applicants must be between the ages 18-25.

*Please email for more info. Applications are due no later than July 10, 2015.


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