Job Opportunity: Naturalist/Camp Teacher/Camp Teacher – Environmental Nature Center

Environmental Nature Center LogoNaturalist/Camp Teacher/Camp Teacher

The Naturalist/Camp Teacher is responsible for teaching outdoor environmental and social
science education programs to children. The Naturalist/Camp Teacher’s goals are to encourage
students’ awareness and appreciation of the environment, broaden students’ knowledge of
science concepts, and foster students’ commitment to the protection of the natural environment. The Summer Camp Teacher is responsible for creating and implementing age and theme appropriate curriculum for the sessions of camp they are scheduled to teach.

Essential Functions/Duties Include But Are Not Limited To:
1. Teach Nature Camps upon request (this may include working on holidays and days close
to holidays.)
2. Teach on site science and social science school programs based on California State
3. Teach Boy Scout and Girl Scout programs, birthday parties, overnights and other
community group programs, ensuring that they are taught according to the requirements
of the groups attending and in consideration of the mission of the ENC.
4. Develop environmental education instructional materials/curricula.
5. Arrive when scheduled (by 8:30AM at the latest for 9AM start and by 12:30PM at the
latest for 1PM start) to set up and stay after programs to clean up instructional materials.
6. Responsible for interviewing, training and supervising appropriate interns/volunteers
7. Provide supervision of students at all times during the duration of programs, extending to
the release of students to their guardians. Maintain the highest possible degree of safety.
8. Maintain positive communication with participant’s parents enrolled in Nature Camp and
enrichment programs as well as all visitors to the center.
9. Provide recommendations for and follow program budget. Arrange necessary purchases
through the Camp Director within budgetary limitations.
10. Responsible for notifying the Grounds Manager of any safety hazards (i.e. fallen trees),
and for closing any trail if necessary.
11. Staff the front desk when requested. Staff the Center occasionally in the evenings and on
weekends. Mandatory attendance at special events (i.e. Fall Faire, Spring Faire, etc.)
12. Additional duties as assigned.

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