Job Opportunity: SFUSD Marine Science Teacher – Seven Tepees Youth Program

Seven Tepees Youth Program LogoAgency Description:
Seven Tepees Youth Program is a non-profit, community based organization that provides comprehensive youth development and college access services to over 800 inner-city youth annually through two programs: The Learning Center and The College & Career Program.
Our Learning Center works with middle and high school students for a period of seven years spanning middle school through high school graduation offering academic support and guidance, college & career advising, environmental education, mentoring, job training and counseling. Our College & Career Program includes College & Career centers at Mission High School, John O’Connell High School and International Studies Academy. Support services include college advising, scholarship assistance, test preparation and college application assistance.

Seven Tepees is dedicated to working with urban youth to foster the skills they need to make lifelong positive choices and to create their own opportunities for success. Founded in 1995 by retired Juvenile Justice Daniel Weinstein and Native American healer Hully Fetico, Seven Tepees began as a summer camp where youth lived in seven tepees one representing each continent of the world.

WAVES Program Description:
Through a collaborative effort of Seven Tepees Youth Program, the Gulf of the National Marine Sanctuary and Mission High School, the Watershed Advocacy Via Environmental Science (WAVES) program is offered this summer for Seven Tepees youth and Mission High School students who will be entering 10th grade in the fall of 2015. In previous years, students have earned 5 Marine Science credits for WAVES as well as a stipend of up to $500 for successful completion of the 6 weeks.

WAVES Program Includes:
● 2 weeks of classroom instruction at Mission High School
● 2 weeks of research at the Gulf of the Farallones Research Pier at Crissy Field,
● 1 week summer exploration and field trips.
● 1 week of teach-backs to middle school students at the Seven Tepees Learning Center.

Position Description:
The SFUSD teacher will serve as the primary teacher of record for the WAVES summer program and design and update a 2 week-long classroom curriculum that compliments the WAVES program goals of watershed advocacy and environmental education. Prior curriculum is available upon request. Class instruction will take place Monday-Friday, from 10
a.m.-3: 30 p.m. in a laboratory classroom at Mission High School. After the 2 weeks of instruction, June 8-19th, the teacher is invited to participate in additional WAVES activities as available and appropriate.

Job Requirements and Minimum Qualifications:
Skills, Knowledge and Abilities
Applicant should posses:
● General knowledge of Bay Area Watersheds
● Knowledge of and broad interest in: coastal ecosystems, fisheries resources, biology, geology, chemistry, and oceanography.
● Ability to translate scientific information into understandable terms for college bound students.
● Proven ability to effectively teach youth of diverse backgrounds and experience and to coordinate their efforts to yield programmatic results.

● Position requires 2 weeks in the classroom for Marine Science course instruction.
● Position will need to coordinate with Tepees WAVES program lead and Gulf of the Farallones instructor with regards to student performance, attendance, and final grade. Experience & Education
● Applicant must have at least 2 years teaching experience.
● Extensive practical teaching and lecturing experience, especially involving field and laboratory course supervision.
● Any equivalent combination of training and experience.
● Current California Teacher’s Credential Required; SFUSD employee preferred

This is a contract position for which the teacher will receive a stipend of $2000 for the two week course.

How To Apply
Interested teachers must submit a cover letter and resume to Arlan Murillo, Seven Tepees
Program Director, at


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