Event: Friday Harbor Labs Open House (05/16/15)

Photo of Dock at Friday Harbor Labs (Taken by Meghan Oxley)Friday Harbor Labs Opens Its Doors Saturday
The UW’s Friday Harbor Laboratories will host its annual open house Saturday at the campus in Friday Harbor, about a mile from the ferry terminal. The event is free and open to the public. UW marine science research ranging from invertebrates and plankton to quirky fish and ocean acidification will be on display.

This event offers visitors a fantastic opportunity to meet scientists and students at the Friday Harbor Labs. Come check out the world-renowned research and teaching facilities. From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., the Labs will be open for self-guided tours. Scientists and students will showcase their marine science research, answer questions and provide demonstrations. There will be posters, marine plants and animals, microscopes, plankton sampling and observations, and activities for visitors of all ages. Bring the whole family!

The public is invited to learn more marine zoology, botany, fisheries, oceanography and the equipment used by scientists in these fields. People can step aboard and tour our 58’ research vessel, the R/V Centennial, and check out its remotely operated vehicle (ROV), oceanographic tools, and high-tech sonar systems.

Join us for interactive SCUBA demonstrations on the dock at 12:30, 1:30, and 2:30!

There will be three scientific lectures presented in the FHL Lecture Hall.

    • • 1 pm: “A Short History of the Friday Harbor Labs: 1904-2015”
      – Dr. Claudia Mills
    • • 2 pm: “Trans-Generational Effects of Ocean Acidification on Marine Molluscs”
      – Dr. Carolyn Friedman
    • • 3 pm: “The Known, the Unknown, and the Misknown: Biodiversity of the Most- Studied
      Photo: Kathleen Ballard

      Marine Fauna in the U.S.”
      – Dr. Gustav Paulay

Sturdy shoes are recommended because the tour route includes rough dock planks, gravel paths and trails.

We will serve free popcorn in the tradition of Friday Harbor Laboratories’ Open Houses, and light refreshments will be available in the Dining Hall for a small fee.

620 University Road, Friday Harbor. Parking is limited so carpools are encouraged.


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