Paid Research Internship Opportunity: Climate Change Research – HilleRisLambers Lab/Mount Rainier National Park (Deadline: 04/03/15)

The HilleRisLambers lab at University of Washington is looking for 3‐6 undergraduate research assistants to help us conduct research at Mt. Rainier National Park this summer (2015). We study how rising temperatures and declining snow accumulation (i.e. climate change) will affect the forests and wildflower meadows of Washington, and are looking for enthusiastic and hard‐working interns to assist us with three projects:
1) Tree demography observations: We collect climate and demographic data (i.e. growth, survival, reproduction) for six conifers occurring in 18 permanent stands located at Mt. Rainier National Park.
2) Plant community reassembly: We are revisiting ‘Legacy’ plots censused in Mt. Rainier NP and North Cascades NP in the mid 1970’s to assess whether recent warming has led to community change.
3) Wildflower phenology: We are quantifying wildflower phenology (flowering, seedset) and pollinator visitation at permanent sites relative to microclimate variability.

Previous research experience and the ability to identify NW plants is desirable, but not required (we will train you on the job). Interns in this position will learn A) how scientific research is conducted; B) field ecology skills; C) how climate change will affect plant communities in the Pacific Northwest and D) what graduate school might be like. These are valuable skills for those wanting a career in natural resources or conservation as well as those of you wishing to pursue a graduate degree in the life sciences.

For more information, see the flyer below.

Mount Rainier Summer Positions 2015


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