Research Funding Opportunity: Mollusk Research Scholarship – Pacific Northwest Shell Club (Deadline: 04/01/15)

Pacific Northwest Shell Club LogoThe Pacific Northwest Shell Club invites applications annually for scholarship awards. These grants are intended to promote and encourage the scientific study of Pacific Northwest molluscan life – marine, freshwater and terrestrial. A candidate must be actively pursuing a project of merit that is in keeping with the purpose of the grant. The research should be malacological in nature and advance our understanding of mollusks or their role in their environment.

A candidate must be a currently enrolled graduate student, a post-doctoral researcher or a supervised third or fourth year undergraduate student at a university or college located within one of the United States Pacific Northwest coastal states of Washington, Oregon, Alaska, or of the Canadian Province of British Columbia. A post-doctoral researcher who is working independently within the prescribed geographical area may also apply.

Colleges and universities are notified in January if a scholarship will be available any given year. Applications are due by the end of the day April 1st of the year for which the scholarship is requested. Late applications are not accepted. Applications should be emailed to (Preferably as a .pdf attachment) An email acknowledgement will be sent to you when we receive your application.

The amount of individual scholarship awards may vary, depending upon the merits of the project, the number of worthy applicants and the current financial holdings of the club. No award will exceed $1500. A maximum of two scholarships may be awarded to any one person. A new application must be submitted for additional funding. Recipients who live close to Seattle will be encouraged to present a program about their research project at a
regular club meeting. Other recipients may instead submit an article to be printed in the Pacific Northwest Shell Club newsletter, The Dredgings. (Winners will receive the newsletter via email during the time they are working on their research.)

Any publications, including thesis papers, arising out of the research supported by the Pacific Northwest Shell Club must be acknowledged, and a copy should be forwarded to the club for inclusion in the club library and on our website.

Notification of the club’s decision will occur no later than June of the year of application (via email).

Pacific Northwest Shell Club 2015 Scholarship Application


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