Events: “How Do We Know About Dinosaurs?” (03/06/15) and Dino Day (03/07/15)

Dr. Mary Higby Schweitzer“How Do We Know What We Know About Dinosaurs?”
7 p.m., March 6 | 130 Kane Hall
In this Burke Museum lecture, Mary Schweitzer, professor of biology at North Carolina State University, explores how paleontologists answer questions about dinosaurs. Were they warm- or cold-blooded? What did they eat and how fast did they grow? Did they take care of their babies? Join us and find out how we can know so much about animals no human has ever seen. More info.

Dino Day
10 a.m., March 7 | Burke Museum
Crack the prehistoric case to discover what information paleontologists can find out about dinosaurs through their poop, teeth, bones, and more. Also talk to Burke paleontologists about their latest find — the 10-foot-long legs of the duck-billed dino ”Edmontosaurus”— which are on display for the first time. More info.


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