Service Opportunity: Volunteer Teaching at Puget Sound Community School

Puget Sound Community School Header

Puget Sound Community School is currently looking to augment our science course offerings for middle and high school students and this, I believe, means unique opportunities for you.

About 30% of our classes are taught by community volunteers. Because of the structure of our calendar, volunteer facilitators have options to create classes in a wide range of times and structures: Flex Days occur throughout the school year and are comprised of multiple one-hour, one-time classes ranging from “Binomial Classification” to “Tying a Tie.” Intensives are typically week-long all day classes devoted to one subject. Intensive weeks occur three times per school year. Lastly, and perhaps more traditionally, we hold three regular terms per school year. Volunteers who facilitate classes throughout a Fall, Winter or Spring term, range from one hour/ week to multiple hours/week.

Regardless of time or subject matter, however, we’re always eager to talk with people who think PSCS may be a good fit for teaching those things that they are passionate about or have expertise in. We provide a model of education that would almost certainly be of interest to you within a setting and philosophy that is unlike most other schools.

I’m happy to try to answer questions, clarify our desires, and try again to explain how volunteer facilitating at PSCS might be an interesting opportunity for UW students.

Thank you,
Samuel Mitchell
PSCS secretary and UW alum
Puget Sound Community School
660 S. Dearborn St
Seattle, WA 98134


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