Funding Opportunity: Ocean Classrooms Grant (Applications Due: 01/14/15)

Ocean Classrooms LogoPhilosophy of the Grant

Ocean Classrooms (OC) believes strongly that the health of our ocean relies on the young, motivated ocean scientists of our future. These scientists not only thirst to learn more about the ocean through research, but also they need to engage the public in their research and its outcomes. In today’s world, the ability to deliver your message has never been easier, but it is also a crowded market that competes for public attention. Social media has narrowed the scientist-to-public divide. The savvy use of social media can help disseminate a science and conservation message efficiently and bring about effective change that protects and improves the health of our ocean. Moreover, young scientists have more challenges competing for limited research funding because of less experience. Consequently, OC is investing in a grant opportunity for early career marine science researchers to help fund their work and to help disseminate their research through social media, as well as through traditional scientific publications.

About the Grant

Each grant will be between $1,000 and $10,000. Depending on the amount requested and the number of applications that meet grant criteria, OC will award between 5-10 grants a year. These grants support “early career” scientists committed to making significant and meaningful impact in their chosen career path, be it education, research, or conservation of the marine world. “Early career” means those either currently enrolled in undergraduate, post-graduate, or doctoral degrees, or within five (5) years of completing these degrees.

The grants support marine-based research projects. These projects must fit into one of the following categories: research, conservation, or education.

Grant Application

Applicants should have a savvy understanding of social media to help increase their following and broaden communication outreach. For this reason, applicants have an initial year ‘runway’ to establish their social media presence before applications are due. Each applicant must demonstrate a significant social media following, as of January 14, 2015, of at least five hundred (500) followers on one or more of the major social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Plus. In addition, the applicant needs to have a minimum of one hundred (100) followers on at least two of the other social media platforms. However, applicants are not precluded from award based on this criteria alone, so we encourage those falling short of these metrics to still apply at any time during the application period. Applicants have up until the 14th of January to reach these goals.

For more information or to apply, visit


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